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Visit Botswana for a luxury safari experience. This wonderful wildlife destination is politically stable, safe and has the finest wildlife experiences in the southern half of the continent! The government of Botswana has been supportive of conservation efforts in the past, and this has paid off well as the wildlife populations have improved almost to a controversial level now. Especially elephants.

Gaborone is the capital city of this luxury safari destination, located far south east, near the South African border.

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We can create a luxury Botswana safari of a lifetime for you and the family, that will remain with you forever! Botswana has diverse regions that allow enough variation within the country to satisfy all travellers if you wish to stay in Botswana. OR….combine several countries together from the region. All the neighbouring states are compatible with Botswana, and crossing borders is relatively easy ensuring great saving of time and continuity of travel within the same day.

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Get to know Botswana on a personal level & meet the people who call it their home. Discover life-enriching and unforgettable experiences while on a luxury safari in Botswana.

Botswana Luxury Safari

Okavango Delta

The Delta as it is widely known is a wildlife haven in Ngamiland, Northern Botswana. It is a unique creation of fresh water, pooled on a bed of sand. The core of the Delta is permanently ‘wet’, an area of about 6000 square kilometers fed by the rainwaters from Angola, channeled down the Okavango river. It is ‘trapped’ in a basin between two parallel faults across its path, and covered in dense swathes of Papyrus, reeds, water lilies and dotted with tree’d islands. There is an annual influx of water, down the Okavango which boosts the water levels and doubles the area under a blanket of shallow water and revitalizes the Delta! The Delta is a vast oasis of fresh water in a sea of sand…..and the wildlife in and around the Delta is phenomenal.

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Botswana Luxury Safari

Chobe National Park

Chobe River forms the boundary between Namibia (The Caprivi Strip) and Botswana, and it is the north boundary of the 11000 square kilometer national park of the same name.

The elephant numbers here are the densest in Africa, especially during the dry season, when herds of 100 to 300 are frequently seen coming down to drink at the river. The best way to view the river life is by small power boat, allowing one to enjoy the ability to move into shallow water, observing elephant, buffalo, puku and myriads of birds too. One can sit quietly within 20 feet of some of these giants as they feed peacefully on the lush vegetation along the river!

The interior of the park has several roads allowing considerable traverse to find and enjoy a great variety of game, including lion, leopard, hyena and all the herbivores including sable and roan antelope.

Botswana Luxury Safari

Central Kalahari

This game reserve lies in the central part of Botswana, and is an ‘arid biome’, not a desert. It is a wonderful part of the country, but is about the experience of being quiet, incredible clear skies and being able to see vast distances. Cheetah, lion, leopard, brown hyena and caracal are the main predators. Ostriches, red hartebeest, brindled gnu, zebra, springbuck and steenbuck are the typical herbivores that occur there. It is a seasonal destination for most of our guests, as the heat can be extreme from the end of July until November, when summer rains arrive. A beautiful area indeed!

Families of !San people still live in certain parts, and depending on which lodge we stay at, one gets a chance to interact with these unique hunter-gatherers! Another complete bonus of experiences.

Botswana Luxury Safari

Makgadikgadi Pans

This unique region just north-east of the Kalahari is the relict flats of Lake Magadikgadi that started to dry up many thousands of years ago. It has evolved into a wonderful quiet region, also seasonal but with a very different experience to the Central Kalahari. In February the second largest zebra migration in Africa takes place here, and it is a unique soul stirring sight to see hundreds of animals trotting through the shallow lakes as they move between grazing points! The wildlife here is adapted to living in these harsh conditions, and so the end of the rains in Februrary is possibly the prime time to be here. Great herds of springbuck, oryx, zebra, wildebeest, small groups of red hartebeest and eland are seen here as well. Flocks of ostriches are exciting to see, and there is a chance to see meerkats here too.