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Luxury Safari In Madagascar.

Madagascar has many attractions for a luxury safari from cultural to stunning beaches and it’s fauna and flora! The Lemurs are unique to the island, and almost 40% of the of the fauna is endemic as well. It has the most chameleon species in the world, from tiny animals just an inch long (22mm), to large chameleons weighing almost a pound (500g)!

Madagascar is a mix of habitats:
The North is rainforest; the North West is dry deciduous, broad leaf forest; the middle Eastern section is evergreen forest; the South is dry, spiny forest and baobabs.

The lemurs, chameleons and birds are equally varied, according to habitats.

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A Collection Of Life-enriching Experiences

Experiences On A Safari In Madagascar.

Get to know Madagascar on a personal level & meet the people who call it their home. Discover life-enriching and unforgettable experiences while on a luxury safari in Madagascar.

Madagascar Safari

Northern Madagascar

This area has the largest rainforests left on the island, and as such some of the last populations of certain species. BLACK and BLUE-EYED BLACK, RED RUFFED, BLACK & WHITE RUFFED, CROWNED lemurs, GOLDEN CROWNED SIFAKA, INDRI and several BROWN species. The region called MASOALA in the NE is located in a real rainforest, and is obviously the wettest place in the island. It is the only place one can see RED-RUFFED LEMURS in the wild, and several birds too, namely the HELMET VANGA. Several small beach lodges cater to visitors here. At certain times of the year, large numbers of HUMP BACK whales congregate in the bay area around Masoala.

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Madagascar Safari

Southern Madagascar

The dry spiny forests attract a lot of naturalists because the vegetation here is absolutely unique! So are the fauna species! Several SIFAKAS, MOUSE LEMURS, SPORTIVE, RING TAILED, and BROWN lemurs to name a few are found here away from the high rainfall zones.

The birds and reptiles as well. Namely the LONG TAILED GROUND ROLLER, SCIMITAR BILLED, and several other beautiful VANGA’S, RAPTORS and MARINE birds like the DIMORPHIC HERON and RED TAILED TROPIC BIRD!

Madagascar Safari

Eastern Madagascar

The east coast has several national parks that support a good number of species of lemurs, birds, reptiles and amphibians. These are the best places to visit for the larger specialist lemurs like the BAMBOO, BLACK & WHITE RUFFED, several species of BROWN, MOUSE , several SIFAKAS including DIADEM and of course some of the smaller carnivores like the FANALOUKA and MONGOOSE.

The forest birds and reptiles should never be left out either. GROUND ROLLERS, VANGAS, FODES, MASCARENE MARTINS, FLUFFTAILS and MADAGSACAR FISH EAGLE are all found in this region too.

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Madagascar Safari

Western Madagascar

This very pleasant habitat almost mirrors the humid rain forest of the eastern side. Starting north of Toliare to the very top of the island.

A great number of specialized birds are found here, such as SUBDESERT MESITE as well as reptiles. COQUEREL’S SIFAKA is also found here in numbers.

The mudflats offshore both north and south from the town of Mahajunga are where the remaining BERNIER’S or MADAGASCAR TEAL are found. If one is lucky, may be seen at low tide in between the mangrove islands feeding in the shallow very muddy waters.