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The Experiences that we can give you will stay with you for a lifetime…and let’s agree that experiences are what we take home with us. The first time you sleep under canvas…’s a sleepless night, and the last time you sleep under canvas a week or two weeks later, you are sad!

The Safari adventure can be tailored to suit your family, your interests, your budget and in fact the more family you have the more fun it can be! Grand parents often bring the kids and grandkids on a trip, and we can create a safari that incorporates a bush trip under canvas, with time in a fun town like Nairobi or Victoria Falls or in the wine lands of the Cape, without compromising either experience. It can all work together!

The first time a lion walks passed your vehicle, or you see a magnificent sunset through a craggy dead tree, giraffe ambling through like wayward props lost on a rural film set your heart beats faster and you are sold….this is it. You have arrived!

We make dreams come true, with a lifetime of living in Africa, through all weathers and political changes, we love this land, the people and the animals. We are Africans. We are AFRICA INSCRIBED PRIVATE TRAVEL.

“Africa Inscribed” is a small owner-run travel company, with a fine reputation as boutique operators. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa it is perfectly located for travel business in Africa. The two owners are directly involved in running the business, with a hand-picked team in the office and so all enquiries are assured of immediate and personal attention.

The company focuses on creating unique itineraries that satisfy our guests’ requests entirely. We like to hear exactly what travelers’ expectations are, and if they don’t have anything specific, then we will make educated suggestions for the itinerary. Then fine tune it, until they are totally happy with it all. (We don’t own any properties, so we are not funnelling travelers through properties to suit ourselves!)

Our travel management integrity is intact, and has been since we started operating!

We strive to create EXPERIENCES that are flawless in execution and satisfy our guests expectations in every regard.

We send travelers to twelve countries in Africa, including Madagascar, and have excellent working relationships with travel partners in each of those countries. Our Private Guides will either lead these safaris or travelers can opt to go on their own!

Take a chance, live life and contact us as soon as you want to take that step into the unknown……you’re never alone on the road on your safari…AFRICA INSCRIBED is with you all the way. Every day is an adventure!