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Luxury Rail or Train safaris are not a new idea, but Southern Africa offers the only such experience in Africa! Based out of Pretoria, these period rail safaris will transport you into an era of gracious living. Several different options are available for this unique travel experience.

The shortest route is from Pretoria to Cape Town, two nights /three days on the train. Stops include the historical village of Matjiesfontein and Kimberly, famed for the early diamond mines. The last day one is traveling through the Karoo. This the dry area inland from the Outeniqua mountains where lonely windmills and farmhouses are typical landscape features across the sheep land scrub. Itself an iconic area of the country.

This route is one of the most popular with guests.

There are longer routes that finish in Durban, or Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. The latter is a three / four night journey through the northern parts of South Africa, into Zimbabwe traversing the famous Hwange National Park where a wildlife excursion may be an option. The train then continues on to Victoria Falls where the trip ends. This is a journey that is also popular with seasoned travelers.

The other two longer options are to Namibia (10 days) and Dar es Salaam, in Tanzania (15 days). These two options are recommended for true rail enthusiasts.

The accommodations are superb on the train with three types of suites available, there is a splendid dining car, bar and public lounge. There is even a smoking car still! The Observation Car is at the back of the train. This is where travelers may sit in the open and enjoy the surrounding countryside.

This is one of the most unique experiences for travelers to Southern Africa and one to enjoy forever.