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Each safari is custom designed to suit the photographer. Specialized photographic safaris for professional and semi-professional photographers are created to provide specific opportunities for the photographer.

Africa has the largest numbers of medium to large herbivores and predators! These large numbers still satisfy all expectations but the mass herds only occur in East Africa. Africa has the greatest diversity of habitats on the planet, on one continent, and so it is possibly the most visited continent by professional photographers for the scenery, the people and the wildlife!

Access to these areas varies from country to country, but for the most part this can be managed. Rain forests, savanna woodlands, dense old woodlands, savannahs, ‘bush country’ of mixed deciduous eco-systems, deserts, arid zones and the famous rolling grasslands of the Serengeti eco-system provide a multitude of habitats for the wildlife of the continent.

We use particular destinations that have the specific target species or target areas that have been requested. For generalised African Wildlife photographic opportunities we customize each safari in the finest private reserves and parks.

Private Reserves often allow off-road driving to enable the guide to position the camera-vehicle in the best position to maximise natural light. Private reserves generally also allow night photography, by special permission, and so the best of all opportunities is available.

The National Parks of most countries in Africa are accessible only during daylight hours, but night drives may be purchased only in certain reserves by special permit only. Generally no off-road driving is allowed!

Most photographers carry a battery of personal equipment.

Photographers requiring extra lenses or other specialised equipment should make arrangements prior to arrival in order for us to have everything on-site.

Weight Limitations
As most safari destinations require one to fly in light aircraft, it is advisable to remember this and pack accordingly, and therefore within the weight limitations imposed by the air charter companies.

Most wildlife photography is facilitated by 4WD vehicles, and in certain areas certain fixtures may be added to a vehicle in order to better equip it.

It is strongly recommended that serious photographers have a dedicated vehicle specifically for their use.

Africa Inscribed guides are all highly competent photographers, with many years of experience capturing wildlife images, so they are familiar with what is required. From pre-dawn departures to capture that special morning sky light, spending hours waiting for a particular moment and organizing logistics for the day in the bush…they will manage it all.

They are also familiar with most popular brands of SLR/digital cameras, and the use of prime and zoom lenses.

Due to the nature of these specialised requests, a detailed brief by enquirers is extremely important for planning as seasonal variations in climate and local conditions will affect wildlife movement and numbers.

Curated Journeys

Photographic Safaris Designed
Especially For You.

Africa Inscribed is run by individuals who between them boast 60 years of hands on experience in the luxury tourism industry. We’ve slept in the beds, tasted the food, met the people and seen the wildlife. Then went back and did it all again, just to be sure. We’ll keep on going back to ensure that what we recommend is perfect for you. We pride ourselves on the luxury safaris we curate. Below are just a few examples of photographic safari itineraries with private guides. Each safari is custom designed to suit the photographer.

A Collection Of Life-enriching Experiences

Experiences On A Photographic Safari.

Get to know Africa on a personal level & meet the people who call it their home. Discover life-enriching and unforgettable experiences while on a photographic safari in Africa.