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Visit Rwanda for a luxury safari experience. This tiny country in the center of Africa has been through some terrible times in history, But the miracle is the change that has been brought about by the government. Rwanda is the most organised, cleanest and least corrupt nation in Africa!

Kigali is the capital, and has attracted the most positive developments and investment from western nations. This is all due to the governments record and organisational ability of the president, Paul Kigame.

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Africa Inscribed is run by individuals who between them boast 60 years of hands on experience in the luxury tourism industry. We’ve slept in the beds, tasted the food, met the people and seen the wildlife. Then went back and did it all again, just to be sure. We’ll keep on going back to ensure that what we recommend is perfect for you. We pride ourselves on the luxury safaris we curate. Below are just a few examples of luxury safari itineraries that include Rwanda. These are just ideas and are tailored to each clients preference. Contact us to tailor make your next luxury safari to Rwanda.

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Get to know Rwanda on a personal level & meet the people who call it their home. Discover life-enriching and unforgettable experiences while on a luxury private safari in Rwanda.

Rwanda Luxury Safari


This city is filled with history, some brilliant and some macabre. It is situated on a series of hills and valleys, and is possibly Africa’s cleanest, and most crime-free city! The very tragic genocide of 1994 is commemorated by the GENOCIDE MEMORIAL. Visit the memorial to understand what Rwanda has overcome as a people, and to show what a strong and committed government is capable of.

The streets are clean, really clean…the city buildings are well maintained, the roads are beautiful, people are well-dressed and interactive, businesses flourish because there is a sound policing system in place and the government committed to the welfare of the country. Corruption is not tolerated in any form whatsoever. It should be the role model for the world!

Hotels are great, and there are a number of markets to see, historical places to visit and the gorillas are only a 2 hour drive away.

Rwanda Luxury Safari

Volcanoes National Park

Gorilla trekking is the region's unrivalled main attraction and the Volcanoes National Park is where to go in Rwanda to do it. Its mountainous terrain and dense forests make for tough walking conditions but the rewards are matchless: butterflies, birds and primates, headlined of course by families of habituated mountain gorillas.

Volcanoes National Park is the site of primatologist Dian Fossey's Karisoke Research Station, where she led a team to study gorillas in the wild. You can undertake about a 2-hour hike to her tomb, which is - like so much in Rwanda - both moving and inspiring. The hike is good time to look out for primates, hogs, forest elephants and a plethora of bird species.

Rwanda Luxury Safari

Akagera National Park

Located in low lying eastern Rwanda, Akagera is where the tropical forests of Central Africa give way to the dry savannahs of East Africa. An appealing mix of wetlands and rolling wooded grasslands, Akagera National Park is where to go in Rwanda for the chance to spot classic African animals including elephant, buffalo, hippo, giraffe, leopard and many antelope species.

This is a relatively small park and is roughly a 3-hour drive from Kigali.

In addition to guided Big 5 game drives, Akagera also offers private boat trips, sunset cruises and night drives. All members of the Big 5 are slowly being reintroduced into the area in an ambitious conservation project.

Rwanda Luxury Safari

Nyungwe National Park

Nyungwe National Park is located in the SW of the country, and is one of the oldest rainforests in Africa. “Covering over 1019 sq km / 393,4sq.miles of dense Afromontane forest, bamboo-covered slopes, grasslands and wetlands”, it is the watershed for the Congo and the Nile! The park is a major regional biodiversity hotspot with more than a 1000 different plant species, 322 bird species (many near endemics including Albertine Rift species), 75 mammals species including 13 primates.

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