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Why Africa?

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Why Africa?

The very words..” We are going to Africa!..” resonate with the majority of westerners….there is the interest of traveling to this continent…the visions of Victoria Falls, Kilimanjaro, white teeth in smiling faces, Masai shukas and ornate beadwork, vast green plains dotted with animals…..lions, elephants, families and kids doing fun things….and inevitably a long-eye-lashed giraffe staring into a picture with deep, liquid eyes.

Africa excites, intrigues and stirs the travel bug in most people. It has the most wildlife on one continent, on the planet!

There are the stories of people with animals…..the stories from history about the continent….old black and white or sepia photo’s, filled with stolid people staring into the lens with bushy beards and waxed moustaches, or skin cloaks and feather head dresses of warriors…..dead animals and the proud hunter standing next to his trophy……biplanes and old cars with sweeping mud guards….so ‘Out of Africa’!

It’s still there. It still excites and lures the traveler. That’s why we are here… help you get there and experience it all comfortably and safely!

Africa has more of the world’s natural Wonders than any other Continent…..Victoria Falls, the Zambezi river, Kilimanjaro and the Great Migration just for example! The continent is no longer riven with war and conflict, and all of the traditional countries with these wonderful places can be accessed now. It is a continent of wonder, great beauty and excitement. Still.

It is also the greatest reservoir of terrestrial biodiversity on the Planet! Greater even than the Amazon.

There are such a great variety of options now for a safari as well……from ‘high-end’ luxury like Bisate in Rwanda, to Mombo in Botswana, middle of the road camps and basic camping! The choice of experiences and camps has never been this accommodating in the history of safaris in Africa.

Every day is an adventure!