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This west coast country of Namibia has many faces, and many great luxury safari and wildlife surprises too.

Windhoek is the capital, located in the center of the country and the major towns are few and far between. There is no other country like this in Africa! It has a 1st world infrastructure, and the country’s Germanic colonial culture still means things work, and are disciplined despite the 3rd world location. Traversing Namibia is effectively done because of the great road and air charter network. This makes all the luxury safari wildlife areas accessible to travelers, without the great crowds of people found elsewhere.

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Africa Inscribed is run by individuals who between them boast 60 years of hands on experience in the luxury tourism industry. We’ve slept in the beds, tasted the food, met the people and seen the wildlife. Then went back and did it all again, just to be sure. We’ll keep on going back to ensure that what we recommend is perfect for you. We pride ourselves on the luxury safaris we curate. Below are just a few examples of luxury safari itineraries that include Namibia. These are just ideas and are tailored to each clients preference. Contact us to tailor make your next luxury safari to Namibia.

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Experiences On A Luxury Safari In Namibia.

Get to know Namibia on a personal level & meet the people who call it their home. Discover life-enriching and unforgettable experiences while on a luxury safari in Namibia.

Namibia Luxury Safari


Deep in the Namib, the world's most ancient desert, lies one of Africa's most magical destinations: Sossusvlei, home to Namibia's famous red sand dunes. Up to 300 metres high, these towering monoliths form the centrepiece to this extraordinary ocean of sand but the Namib Desert has many surprises: make your base at one of the many excellent lodges here and discover the secret wildlife and astounding views of this beautifully haunting landscape, much of which falls under the protection of the Namib Naukluft National Park.

Namibia Luxury Safari

Etosha National Park

One of Africa's biggest and best conservation areas, Etosha National Park is in Namibia's far north but is easily accessible and its gravel roads can be negotiated in a family car. Dominated by its huge salt pan, Etosha is big game country and offers an enticing blend of classic African animals such as elephant, zebra and giraffe together with desert species such as black rhino, gemsbok and springbok. Lion, hyena and cheetah are often seen and Etosha's famous wildlife-packed waterholes are a must-do in the May to October dry season.

Accommodation is available in the park but we'd recommend staying at one of the adjoining private reserves for luxury, exclusivity and a wide range of safari activities.

Namibia Luxury Safari

Skeleton Coast

The battered shipwrecks that litter the beaches of the Skeleton Coast National Park may have given Namibia's far northern shoreline its name but there's more to this region than ghost stories: huge seal colonies provide scavenging opportunities for brown hyenas and jackals while vegetated inland river valleys support yet more animals and birds. A genuine off-the-beaten-track destination, travellers looking for complete isolation, tranquillity and sensational views need look no further than the handful of exclusive lodges in the area.

Namibia Luxury Safari


An inland region of rugged mountains, gravel plains and flash-flood rivers, Damaraland is where to go in Namibia for unadulterated scenic beauty. By day, the views are grand and breathtaking while at night the sky glows with countless, dazzling stars. Intimate lodges are hidden away in discreet locations and make for comfortable bases from which to explore the region. Damaraland is a hotspot for Bushman art and geological oddities while the wealth of animal life will surprise you - desert-adapted elephant, black rhino and many antelope species are among the A-list.

Namibia Luxury Safari


The perfect stop-over and stock-up destination, the seaside holiday town of Swakopmund blends its German colonial heritage with an unmistakable African character. Often blanketed by early morning sea fog, Swakopmund is where the Namib Desert meets Namibia's Atlantic coast and offers easy excursions into the desert, a wide range of adventure and leisure activities plus many local places of interest.